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Opera Job Management

A complete and versatile solution for the inspection of every phase of the production of fixtures in aluminium, PVC and wood aluminium.

Opera Job Management further than design and manage windows for quotations, it makes round and slanted windows, cross sections, and thermal insulation calculation, it creates and manage machining, cutting list optimization in different bar length too, dynamic re-use of leftovers and detailed machining spread sheets.
One of the key developments of Opera Job Management is the working data transmission to saws, CNC machines, welders, cleaners and labelers of all brands.

With Opera JM it is possible to manage jobs from quotations to delivery, calculation of multiple discounts, discount rates, and it develops price list in real time, taking care also about customer and supplier's data, upgrading the warehouse and creating an historical job list.

From the year 2007 Opera Job Management provides the user with all the means for the CE Certification from editing all the company data for a proper FPC development, to the association of the EU rules which hallow the creation of all the needed documentation and a labels with specification.

Main Specifications
  • Complete management of CE marking with specific label printing
  • Estimates
  • Cutting optimization
  • Dynamic reuse of production off-cuts
  • Ordering from suppliers
  • Sections
  • Arches and out-of-line brackets
  • Manufacturing lists
  • Transmission of data to saws, working centres, two or four headed soldering machines, cleaning machines and all makes of labellers
  • Exporting to management software
  • Job grouping
  • Production of tabular price lists
  • Warehouse management
  • Analytical management of manufacturing times
  • Cut optimizations thruoght different bar lenghts
  • 2D optimiziontion of panels
  • Calculation of thermal transmittance
  • Connection to CAD software
  • Integrated 3D CAM
  • Automatic generation of production
  • Document dissemination via e-mai
  • Online work
  • Photographic archive of fixtures manu-facturing and applications
  • Warehouse tracking via barcode
  • Postproduction ISO language for connecting to some CNC
  • Management of multiple discounts, discount classes and real time simulation of price lists
  • Advanced management system for ordering automation options
  • Printing of detailed order confirmations for retailers
  • Photographic and CAD archive for prime materials
  • Automatic cleaning of sections in CAD format
  • Password blocking of modifications and prices
  • Inclusion of internal Georgian bars with customisable layouts
  • 3D visualisation of the preps directly on the fixture
  • Direct measurements
  • Additional customisable options
  • Visual planning of the labels for profiles, frames, typology and panels
  • Customisable documents
  • Direct updating of prices of raw materials

Opera Job Management: specifications

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